Who is behind DoodleDork?

Hello, we're Dave and Sarah (on the left obviously..would be weird to have a random couple on our website). I (Sarah) knew Dave could drew but didn't realise the extent of his talent till we moved in together and I saw his portfolio that Dave created through college and just for fun.

Like most young(ish lol) couples we're saving to buy our own home and pay for a wedding. So I had a think and I thought if Dave could create artwork that we could sell then we've got a business and extra money.

Late 2018 we were finally settled into our first rented home together and so we began discussing how we could turn Dave's drawings into a business...and we officially launched May 2019. We've been really fortunate in that once we've finished a commission piece and shown it off we've been given more work, which we love of course.

We supply pre-designed artwork from our online shop, create custom artwork and logos plus book illustrations....basically whatever you need creating we can make!!



Dave and drawing:

From two onwards my mum would sit up with me teaching me how to draw lines and use colour, she inspired me to continue throughout my life. I found drawing the only way I could really express myself and celebrate the interests I love.

Later I would pause videos such as the M.A.S.K, Thundercats and Ghostbusters and copy direct from the screen. Soon I had friends asking me to create pictures for them. At the pub I would create little characters on beer mats which people would request randomly.

My passions are mainly Sci-Fi, comics, specifically 2000ad but will happily take on any requests no matter the subject matter.


Working with us:

If you are a journalists/publication and would like to feature our work, please get in touch so we can send stock images for you to use. Please state if you require particular format/size. 

Business Name: DoodleDork

Owners: Dave Moreing & Sarah O'Connell

Business address: Tower Furlong, CV23 0GU (Please note this is not a shop)