complex Logo Design

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  • louises lunches 2.0 outline watermarked 500px
  • dork-logo-2.jpg

    These days you need to grab your audience's attention as we're normally scrolling through social media till something catches our eye to stop!

    We can create the artwork you need to make a potential customer stop scrolling and check out your business.

    A complex logo is one that require lots of details/props/variety of colours like the examples above. Lead time is approximately 7-10 days.

    Our work process:

    • We'll review the details you've submitted and get back to you if we need to clarify anything plus provide a quote from £40. If you wish to process we will send a PayPal invoice.
    • Work can only begin once the Paypal invoice has been paid.
    • We'll create a rough sketch of the logo and send to you to approve/request any minor amendments.
    • Next we'll finalise the logo and send a watermarked copy for you to review
    • Once approved we'll send you the final artwork. 
    Order a Complex Logo Design