Social media pages and websites you sell on have covers at the top of the pages that are used to:

  • Provide relevant information customers may look for e.g. website, phone number
  • Promote new products
  • Promote an offer or competition

Examples below are some mock up designs we've created. You tell us your brief and we'll design it for you. 


With your own logo either previously designed by us or someone else - £15

Banner design plus simple logo design - £35 (£5 saving if bought separately)

Banner design plus complex logo design - £70 (£5 saving if bought separately)

Seasonal variation of a previous banner we've created for you - £10

  • Each banner design can be adapted to up to 5 sizes* of your choice, e.g. to fit Facebook, Etsy, Twitter etc - any more than this please request as it does take time to change sizes.
  • If you opt for a logo to be created you'll also receive these files separately as if you were buying the logo design on it's own.
  • Designs are shown to you throughout progress so you can make changes if required
  • Upon receiving your form below, we'll send a Paypal Invoice, work will only begin once payment has been made. If you wish to cancel, please notify us within 48 hours of payment for a full refund, after this time we are unable to give a refund as we would be well into creating your design.

*Sizes for particular social media/website banners are taken directly from the site's information.

  • Mario Pluming banner.png
  • Castle cafe banner.png
  • Gannon dorf banner.png
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