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  1. We're so delighted to get out first Etsy sale this week. We were just chilling, watching tv and I (Sarah) was doing some admin for DoodleDork when I refreshed the emails and up pops the subject line

    "Congrats on your first sale"


    I yelped to Dave....omg we've got a sale on Etsy...

    It's great to know our hard work is paying off and we are adding to the shop each week.

    This was our first sale:

    The claw amatic txt wm mockup


    You can buy this print here

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  2. The wedding industry is a big market to get into. We're engaged and although we've not booked anything yet (saving to buy a house first) we have pretty much planned how we want our wedding and it revolves around a geek theme, in particular retro video games.

    It is our plan to design our own wedding stationery, and so lightbulb moment why don't we also design geek inspired wedding stationery for the our customers too!!

    wedding invite example