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Yet again, Dan from Real Life Ghost Stories and 50p Movie Club hired us to create a logo design for a new podcast where he interviews people with interesting stories to tell.

By now Dan & Dave have a great relationship so Dave could joke with Dan as he wasn't sure what he wanted his logo to be of and didn't yet have a name for his podcast so artwork created was suitable titled "The podcast with no name"

Dave got to work and came up with a design of Dan in the centre of the logo and icons surrounding him which were relate to topics that Dan would talk about on the Podcast. This was the first result:

Although Dan liked it, he decided that the logo design should be minimalistic instead and thought that the logo should be similar to other podcast which feature the name of the podcast on the image.

Dan now had a name: Let me introduce myself and the final artwork that Dan now uses for his Podcast is this

Yes, this is completely different to the first draft, but this project was a great example of how we work with our clients to get the design that they can see in their head but they just can't find the words for.

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