Mr & Mrs Williams as cartoon characters

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After creating personalised cartoon characters of our family, we wanted to cater for the wedding market and so we asked our friends who got married in 2018 if we could pinch one of their photos to make a cartoon portrait.

As you can see from their photo, we matched their outfits, colour theme, and props that they really had at their wedding.



We can create a cartoon style picture of one of your favourite wedding pictures, whether it be of you and your partner or your bridal party for example. Wording of your choice too.

Remember paper is the first wedding anniversary gift so this would be a brilliant idea as we'll print this design for free as well as send you the digital files which you could use to make a cushion cover, magnet, phone cover - anything you like.

To order a wedding themed portrait, visit our shop or contact us if you want to discuss your design.

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