Personalised Artwork: Our Signature Cartoon Characters

Posted by Sarah Oconnell on


We wanted to create our own signature character that we could use to create personalised portraits to sell as gifts and wall art.

Dave came up with the design of in a cartoon style with a squarish face, and big eyes. We nicknamed them Dorkie or Dorky characters. One of our clients even said she'd been dorkified.

First character created, Dave drew of himself and then the rest of the family, thus creating a family portrait which we sell as prints or as a digital file.

We also sell cartoon portraits couples on their wedding day, mascots, pets and just you on your own if you wish.



It's great to see that people use these images on both their personal and business social media profiles. Our cartoon characters are our most requested design, this is some of the feedback we've had:



To get your own cartoon character of yourself, family, friends or for your business, go to our shop for more details. Feel free to contact us to discuss your design requirements.

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