Just before lockdown due to Covid-19 we were working on rebranding our business so it was clearer that geek is our thing! This also included buying a new printer so we could start printing our own artwork up to A3 in size, plus greeting cards and scratch cards. Due to our business being classed as non-essential, we decided that we were not going to offer the physical artwork just yet so that we can stay at home as we all should...but we had another idea....


  • Support small businesses who have been affected and would appreciate artwork in the form of a logo design, a character mascot or some other sort of artwork they can use to help boost their business
  • We'd also like to create artwork for a keyworker to cheer them up, this could be in the form of our Dorkies, fanart or another type of custom or personalised artwork


  • Artwork will be in digital form only and we ask that you credit our name if you share the artwork on social media, either in the form of our website address or tagging our social media pages.
  • if you would like a piece of artwork and you meet the above criteria or you would like the artwork created as a surprise for a keyworker then please sign up to our waiting list below and we'll be in touch. 
  • We can't promise to create all artwork that is requested as we don't know what the demand will be and we are also completing paid for artwork as part as normal business.
  • Although the theme is up to you, anything that could be deemed offensive to members of the public we wouldn't be able to create.

How can you help us?

  • Share, share, share our offer of free artwork and help cheer someone up



Free artwork waiting list