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Geek Inspired Printable Wedding Stationery Coming Soon !!

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The wedding industry is a big market to get into. We're engaged and although we've not booked anything yet (saving to buy a house first) we have pretty much planned how we want our wedding and it revolves around a geek theme, in particular retro video games.

It is our plan to design our own wedding stationery, and so lightbulb moment why don't we also design geek inspired wedding stationery for the our customers too!!

wedding invite example

We have a few ideas in mind...sorry can't reveal yet in case someone copies us. However what I will say is that we'll create designs where customers can download and print and they'll just need to add in their personalisation or for extra £££ we can add the personalisation. 

The bonus of downloadable wedding stationery is that you pay for the design templates and not per invitation, so it's ok if the customer messes up on the personalisation or an extra guest is added to the list because all you have to do is re-print.

We'll miss the wedding season this year though as we don't want to rush the designs, but we should be ready to launch the wedding collection January 2020 just in time for those lucky couples who get engaged over the Christmas season.

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