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Advent Day 4 - List of Santa's Reindeer Artwork

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Day 4 of our advent calendar, and although I'm remebering to create these posts each day (so far) I've realised I have two chocolated to have from own calendar (happy dance as mine is ferrero rocher !!

Anyway...getting back to DoodleDork, today I want to show you a recent sale and first Christmas sale of this list of Santa's reindeer. These are the official names of the reindeer. Did you know Rudolph isn't an official name he was added in for the song...but you can't leave him off so that's why he's at the top of the list a gap away from the official reindeer.

We have this piece in two fonts:

Poster-Frame-Style-182A - 2019-10-13T170117.073


and this fancier version

Poster-Frame-Style-182A - 2019-10-13T171220.100


You'll be given 5 different sizes and different formats so you can print onto a variety of merchandise

£5 buy your copy here


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