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Advent Day 7 - It's Small Business Saturday

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Day 7 and it is Small Business Saturday - an official day that is used to promote our small businesses as we are the little fish in the ocean against the big fish like Amazon and alike. Don't get me wrong I shop on Amazon too but when I'm looking for a handmade gift or something unique that you can't buy from the mass produced shops I go in search on Folksy or Etsy or Not on the High Street.

If you didn't know already we have a shop on Folksy. This is an online marketplace for British crafters to sell their makes and craft supplies. Sellers can be from all over the world. Our digital products can be ordered and sent to your chosen email address within 24 hours (slightly longer for custom artwork)

If you need a pre-designed artwork straight away you can purchase from our Etsy shop at any time of the day and receive your artwork automatically after placing the order. Etsy is an online marketplace for crafters all over the world to sell their makes, craft supplies, but also vintage items.

We did apply to Not on the High Street, unfortunately we were turned down as they have similar artists in their shop so didn't want to saturate that part of the marketplace which I totally understand and at least it wasn't a no because they thought our artwork was crap ! lol

In the new year we will be looking at other marketplaces/partnerships for example a third party printing service

So a bit about us:

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Doodledork is a family run business, we're Sarah and Dave, a couple from Rugby, Warwickshire. Dave is the artist, he has a natural talent for drawing and I thought his talent was being wasted by not showing it off to the public. Dave is inspired by Sci-Fi and 2000AD comics, but the artwork isn't all geek related. I can't draw at all so I look after the admin side of the business.

Our business isn't a year old yet and we're pleased with the response. We have huge plans for 2020 including a wedding range and a business package range. We currently create business logos and book illustrations as well as any other custom artwork you require.

At the moment like most small business owners who start out, we both have full time jobs. Dave works for a bank and I work in supply chain. The goal is for at least Dave to be able to quit the day job to draw full time. 

How can you support us?

1. Buy from us - If you are looking for a new piece of home decor, personalised portraits for a wedding gift or for your family think of us.

2. Follow us on our social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest

3. When you see us post something, please share it, comment, like, tag in people who you think would be interested in buying.


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