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Advent Day 9 - Celebrating being featured in Folksy Gift Guides

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9 advent cover

Day 9 and we want to celebrate our little shop on Folksy where the people at HQ have selected some of our digital artwork to be featured in gift guides...which would then lead to more views and potential sales of our artwork.

If you don't know about Folksy, it is an online marketplace for British crafters to sell their makes and craft supplies to all over the world. If you're looking to support small businesses this Christmas then take a look on this site, and our shop of course. 

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We sell our digital artwork which will be delivered to you within 24 hours of the order being received. Custom artwork will take slightly longer.

This biscuit definition typography artwork has made it to the Gift Guide for tea lovers because of course who has tea without biscuits. Available to buy here

Poster-Frame-Style-182A (54)

This artwork has also been added to the Gift Guide for Foodies along with our biscuit tin definition artwork which is available to buy here

Poster-Frame-Style-182A (53)


Next gift guide we've been featured in is for Bathroom Wall Art, featuring our Unicorn colour abstract artwork and "How you doin?" typography artwork. The unicorn artwork is also featured in Gift for Unicorns.

Poster-Frame-Style-182A (57)



Poster-Frame-Style-182A (80) - Copy














Next gift guides we've been featured in is For Her with our popular Peaky Blinders typography artwork that you can buy here.

Poster-Frame-Style-182B (14)

If you would like to feature us in a gift guide or publication, please get in touch





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