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Advent Day 11 - Which Printing Service To Use?

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11 advent cover

Day 11 of our advent calendar and we're not showing you our products today but instead revealing some news about our plans for next year.

So as you know we create digital artwork and when we started the business we did dream of physical products too however we don't have the space for a huge printer or to store the phsyical products...we literally are working from our kitchen table.

But after research I discovered that you can actually link professional printing businesses with your Etsy shop so the customer will place an order for a printed artwork and that order will be sent to the printing business and shipped to the customer. 


I've requested some sampling packs from printers to see how the quality is on various types of material from canvas to textured card to gloss photo paper and even stickers.


Between January and February we'll look at launching a print collection - it's very exciting as we've had people ask before if it's just digital artwork we sell and now we can cater to everyone !!!


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