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We're back...and we're offering free artwork to businesses and keyworkers !!!

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were back

Hello, it's been around 6 weeks since we posted on social media we were taking a break. The reason we were taking a break is because decided to do some work behind the scenes on our website and business in general since going to our first SBS event in Feb. (For those who don't know SBS is a small business club that Theo Paphitis founded and he personally selects businesses to join his free club. We were selected in Dec 2019 !)


From the event we learnt so much information from Google, Linkedin and expert advice from Sara Davies (newbie on Dragon's Den). We had a notebook full of information and actions to complete, but this meant we needed to switch off from interacting with you all to work on behind the scenes.

For those who don't know, myself and Dave have full time jobs outside of the business. Fortunately I had a week annual leave at the beginning of March so I spent the entire week, researching, editing the website, adding a shop to our website as we decided we were going to launch a physical print range of our artwork in the form of A3 prints, greeting cards and novelty scratch cards.

Poster-Frame-Style-182B (51)

Another point we took from the networking event is that you need a USP and we did when we started the business in that Dave creates geek inspired artwork....but then I drifted and starting creating digital abstract art which sold really well. However as we were spreading ourselves too thin, we made the tough decision to be strict and go back to creating just geek inspired bye bye abstract art if you're wondering why you can't buy it anymore. Just to note we will still take on commissions for logo designs and any other theme it just we're not overly advertising it so that our followers are clear on what our business is about.


  • rebranding done
  • website shop created
  • £100's spent on a new printer, ink and paper/envelope supplies

Really excited to hit publish on the website and announce our news.....and then...I never returned to my day job. A work laptop and all my folders were sent to my house and our office were asked to work from home....about a week later Boris announced a lockdown.



I work in supply chain in food production and one part of my job is processing orders, so as you can imagine...with the panic buying, our orders from the supermarkets and foodservice customers increased dramatically meaning our team were working all sorts of hours to help in this crisis.

Dave's "day job" furloughed him so he's been creating new artwork and collaborating with a couple who run a Podcast that Dave is huge fans of... (I will be talking about this in another blog post) going back to....we've rebranded, ready to launch and announce our new collection and we decided that it wasn't really appropriate to announce our excitement at a physical print collection when the country was in crisis and being told to stay at home, plus since our main income is from our day jobs we didn't need to reply on income from the business......add on a few weeks and we had a thought...

free artwork

Since we're not posting our artwork in lockdown, we've decided to offer free digital artwork (digital files only) to small businesses that have been affected by Covid-19 and also to cheer up keyworkers with custom/personalised artwork. To read more about this and to sign up please visit this page.

Stay safe everyone and stay at home !!

To support our small business you can;

  • Like and follow our social media pages ( links at the bottom of the page)
  • Invite friends to like our social media pages and visit our website
  • Buy digital artwork from our shop (digital only files at the moment)


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