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We love Real life ghost stories

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Real life ghost stories is an excellent podcast and You tube channel that we here at Doodledork enjoy very much! 

We have created some art work for them which they have very kindly used within their various channels and socials which you can see here.

Dan, Emma and monsters

Real life Ghost stories is primarily a podcast that delves into the strange and supernatural, reading and discussing real stories sent in by the listeners/viewers. Hosted by Emma and Dan and featuring Tiny Bims the cat, stories can range from aliens, ghosts, cryptids to even more bizzare encounters. Emma reads and researches the stories while Dan listens terrified wanting them to stop! Funny, fantastic and frightning, I really couldn't recommend this enough!

Search for Real life ghost stories on your favorite podcast provider, 

Or you can check out their Youtube channel here

They have also very kindly allowed us to create a new merch store for them for their patrion subcribers which you can find here



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