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Supporting small businesses - any suggestions?

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What small business have you found_ (1)

So, we're a small business and fortunately we both have full time jobs, although Dave has been furloughed..... but we still have money coming in.

Some small businesses however depend on their business as their sole income and have been affected greatly by the virus. We are helping by creating free artwork that they may need for promoting their business. We can't promise to complete all requests but we have a waiting list here.

There are other ways of helping small businesses though and that is by buying from them via their online shops. I've found so many amazing small businesses when trying to find items that i've needed and I want to continue to shop small even when we are back to normal.

So far I've found small businesses for my beauty needs and sweet cravings (I will be writing about these in separate blog post)- I know they aren't essential which is why I'm shopping for these things online where businesses are still open because they need to keep money flowing in. 

So, I want to know what small businesses do you buy from?, have you discovered new businesses that you've been really pleased with and want to help support? Let us know, comment on this post. If the business offers something we would like to buy then we'll buy and let everyone know about it.

Other ways you can help support a small business is by leaving a review if you have purchased from them, like and follow their social media pages and share their shops and social media pages to your friends and cost involved !

Looking forward to hearing from you

Sarah x

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