Our Story

Our photo with Theo Paphitis at the SBS networking event


This photo is from Feb 28, 2020 when we were invited to attend the #SBS club networking event and to accept our certificate from Theo Paphitis who is the founder of the club. 

What do we do? Briefly our artwork falls into these sections: Dorkies, geek inspired digital artwork that is either ready to buy or custom/personalised.

We're not limited to geek artwork though, on the side clients have contacted us to creat logo designs to book illustrations which you can see in our Portfolio

Sarah: I knew Dave could draw but didn't realise the extent of his talent till we moved in together and I came across Dave’s portfolio that he created through college and just for fun.

Like most young(ish lol) couples we're saving to buy our own home and pay for a wedding, so I had a lightbulb moment and I thought if Dave could create artwork that we could sell, then we've got a business and extra money !!!

Late 2018 we were finally settled into our first rented home together and so we began discussing how we could turn Dave's drawings into a business...and we officially launched late April 2019 by showing the Nintendo artwork depicting a father (Old gameboy) and son (Switch) below

Nintendo father and son

It was from this post that we got requests from friends and family to create logo designs, which then led to us creating book illustrations for a children's book and now we are official illustrators for Mo's Fro

Going back to our geek inspired artwork... we decided to create our Dorkies which have been grabbing people's attention.

We also have a collection of ready to buy artwork from our pixelated heart collection to film quotes

Dave: From two onwards my mum would sit with me teaching me how to draw lines and use colour, she inspired me to continue throughout my life. I found drawing the only way I could really express myself and celebrate the interests I love.

Later I would pause videos such as the M.A.S.K, Thundercats and Ghostbusters and copy direct from the screen. Soon I had friends asking me to create pictures for them. At the pub I would create little characters on beer mats which people would request randomly.

My passions are mainly Sci-Fi, comics, specifically 2000ad but will happily take on any requests no matter the subject matter.

Business Name: DoodleDork

Owners: Dave Moreing & Sarah O'Connell

Business address: Tower Furlong, CV23 0GU (Please note this is not a shop)