Our Story

Hello, we're Dave & Sarah,

we run a family business selling our digital artwork designs for logos, book illustrations, wall art and merchandise. The photo below is when we won Small Business Sunday, personally selected by Theo Paphits

How did DoodleDork begin?

We've been friends for around 9 or 10 years ever since working together at a well known supermarket. For the past 4 years we've been a couple, of which 3 and half of those years engaged!  And like most youngish couples we wanted to buy a house (which is actually happening this year !!!!!). So getting back to how we started, Sarah found some of Dave's drawings in the garage and was really impressed with how well he could draw and a lightbulb moment thought....we could sell his drawings and have a side business to earn extra money aside our 'day jobs'

Dave took some convincing as he thought he wasn't talented enough and had no formal qualifications in graphic design. Sarah posted images of Dave's drawings on Facebook and asked whether these were good enough to sell and the response was a definite yes!

Next we had to do our research, because dave had only hand drawn or painted pictures before and not used a drawing tablet or computer software such as illustrator. He began watching tutorials and practising on a drawing tablet we invested in and designing some geek inspired artwork.

Once we started showing what he could do on social media, this then led to enquires from friends and family in need of logo designs, which then snowballed, because each time we showed a completed commission, someone else then asked for artwork.

That was in 2019 and since then we've built a great portfolio of artwork, working with repeat clients, and winning #SBS. We're working on a new collection of ready to print artwork and merchandise so keep checking back and following our social media pages.

A bit more about Dave

Dave enjoys gaming, listening to Podcasts, cooking and being used as a climbing frame for this two kids (that's once they have been peeled away from Minecraft.)

Favourite games: Mario, Legend of Zelda, Shemu and still love playing retro consoles

Favourite podcasts: Real Life Ghost Stories, Adam Buxton & Just Interesting

Kitchen Speciality: Either cottage pie or homemade yorkshire pudding

First thing he will buy if he wins the lottery: A custom made Judge Dredd outfit from 2000AD

A bit more about Sarah

Sarah enjoyings shopping online or pinning everything she wants onto one of many Pinboards on Pinterest, reading, listening to podcasts, and being taught how to play Minecraft by her step kids...even if she gets called a 'Noob'

Favourite games: The Sims, Warioware, Trauma Centre and have to admit to liking Minecraft Dungeons, courtesy of Jacob who I team up with to defeat the big bosses...but I must always remember to not get rid of his favourite weapons/artefacts (even though there are better ones) and that he is player 1 so I follow him (even if that means waiting in a 'safe spot' while he waits for more potion to be available)

Favourite Podcasts: I Secretly Recorded my Boyfriend, The Secret World of Slimming Clubs, Jase & PJ, Shagged Married Annoyed.

Kitchen Speciality: According to the kids it's my burnt cookies...

First thing she'll do if she wins the lottery: Hire a cleaner, personal trainer and book a luxurious holiday - going for the easy life haha. 

Dave & Sarah