Book Illustrations

We're really delighted to be official illustrators of the Mo's Fro Book (images shown below) - this was one of our earliest commissions when we first started and our biggest project to date. To find out more about the author and the book, please visit the Facebook page here.

Our prices vary depending on the requirements of your brief, specifically the complexity of the design and Dave's time, so it's hard to create a fixed price list. You can contact us for a no obligation quote. 

Our services include, but not limited to:

  • Illustrations based on your chosen style of drawing (digitally drawn)
  • No limit to the number of illustrations required, including front and back cover 
  • Choice of full page scenic illustrations, isolated character illustrations or mixture of both
  • Promotional artwork for social media campaigns (if required)

The price we quote to you includes:

  • Discussion of your design requirements, whether that is via email, instant messaging or video chat
  • Creating a contract and Paypal invoice/fees we we incur from Paypal
  • The use of professional software such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Updates on the progress of the design(s) by sending you watermarked drafts so you can ask for amendments if needed
  • Final design(s) to be sent in a variety of formats for use of web and print and with the ability to increase or decrease the size of the design without loss of resolution.
  • Final design(s) will be owned by you to do with as you wish and will not be sold to another client, we'll just use the design for marketing purposes.