1. Real Life Ghost Stories Podcast

This is a really exciting collection that we've were working on during the first lockdown in 2020. Long story short, this is a podcast run by Dan & Emma that Dave is a huge fan of, and as a thanks for the great content, Dave drew a cartoon style portrait of Dan and Emma.

The couple loved the artwork so much that they asked Dave to create artwork for their fans that could be turned into merchandise such as; stickers, hoodies, tshirts and mugs...and so a friendship and a collaboration was formed.

We set up a storefront on Spring for the podcast which did very well, then to celebrate all the different artists that create artwork for the Podcast, Dan & Emma set up a new merch shop on TeePublic. Within 24 hours we had sold 24 units of our designs. Take a look here

This has been so popular with the fans, and we can't thank Dan & Emma enough for helping to get our artwork out there...




2. 50p Movie Club Podcast

Following on from the popular merchandise we created for Real Life Ghost Stories Podcast, Dan asked us to create a new logo for another Podcast he ran with his two friends, Will & Dave, called 50p Movie Club. This is where the team find the really bad movies to watch and review, usually the movies you find for 50p that supermarkets are trying to shift lol.

Many Fans of the RLG podcast also follow 50p movie club, so of course we created merchandise for them too which is sold under the RLG storefront on the Teespring link above. 



3. Let Me Introduce Myself

This is another podcast that Dan is involved with where he invites guests he has an interest in to get to know them. Having created artwork for Dan previously, he asked us to create his new logo for this podcast


If a collaboration is something you would be interested (doesn't need to be for a merchandise shop), then get in touch to discuss your ideas